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Getting a post-secondary education – or professional training – isn’t inexpensive. Tuition costs can range from as little as $5,000 per year for undergraduate studies to as much as $40,000 in tuition for a year of professional education. And those costs don’t factor in necessary expenditures on textbooks and other ancillary costs, to say nothing of general living expenses, like rent, transportation and food.

When the Canada Pension Plan was launched in the mid-1960s, both the working lives and the retirements of Canadians looked a lot different than they do in 2018. Fifty years ago, most Canadians were able to work at a single full-time job, often held that job for most or all of their working lives and, in many cases, benefitted from an employer sponsored defined benefit pension plan which guaranteed a certain level of income in retirement.

Most Canadians deal with our tax system only once a year, when preparing the annual tax return. And, while that return – the T1 Individual Income Tax Return – may be only four pages long, the information on those four pages is supported by 13 supplementary federal schedules, dealing with everything from the calculation of the tax-free gain on the sale of a principal residence to the determination of required Canada Pension Plan contributions by self-employed taxpayers.

Anyone who has ever tried to reduce their overall personal or household debt knows that doing so, no matter how disciplined one’s approach, can seem like a one step forward, two steps back proposition. It sometimes seems that, just as measurable progress is achieved in one area (an extra payment is made on the mortgage), unexpected costs in another area (a significant car repair bill) push up the level of debt elsewhere (e.g., credit card debt).

Two quarterly newsletters have been added—one dealing with personal issues, and one dealing with corporate issues.

There are so many reasons to consider hiring a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) to be on your financial team. Here are 12 reason why we think it is important:

Our vibrant and dynamic team are as much about our clients as they are about results, and we take the time to get to know our clients so we can provide the best service possible. On the flip side, we wanted to take the time to introduce our team to you, so you can get to know us better!

So, you’ve decided to work with an accountant. Now you might be wondering, what do we do exactly?

At Carlyle Shepherd & Co we offer an array of services to suit your needs, which you can find listed under Services (link to Services). But what does it all mean? Today on our blog, we’re breaking down some basics for you.

At Carlyle Shepherd & Co our customers are our number one priority. We value our client relationships and take extra care to invest in those connections. 

So, you need an accountant. What now? We believe that we provide the very best to our valued clients and we want you to find out why! Today we’ve outlined Five Reasons to Work with Carlyle Shepherd & Co.