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When the Canada Pension Plan was put in place on January 1,1966, it was a relatively simple retirement savings model. Working Canadians started making contributions to the CPP when they turned 18 years of age and continued making those contributions throughout their working life. Those who had contributed could start receiving CPP on retirement, usually at the age of 65. Once an individual was receiving retirement benefits, he or she was not required (or allowed) to make further contributions to the CPP. The CPP retirement benefit for which that individual was eligible therefore could not increase (except for inflationary increases) after that point.

Just over a decade ago, it was possible to buy a home in Canada with no down payment — financing 100% of the purchase price — and extending the repayment period for that borrowing over a 40-year period.

While Canadians had an extended time this year to file their income tax returns for the 2019 tax year, the extended filing deadlines (June 1 for the majority of Canadians, and June 15 for self-employed individuals and their spouses) have passed and returns should be filed.

While the standard (and accurate) advice is that tax and financial planning are best approached as activities to be carried on throughout the year, it’s also the case that a mid-year tax and financial checkup makes good sense, and that’s especially the case this year.

There are so many reasons to consider hiring a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) to be on your financial team. Here are 12 reason why we think it is important:

Our vibrant and dynamic team are as much about our clients as they are about results, and we take the time to get to know our clients so we can provide the best service possible. On the flip side, we wanted to take the time to introduce our team to you, so you can get to know us better!

So, you’ve decided to work with an accountant. Now you might be wondering, what do we do exactly?

At Carlyle Shepherd & Co we offer an array of services to suit your needs, which you can find listed under Services (link to Services). But what does it all mean? Today on our blog, we’re breaking down some basics for you.

At Carlyle Shepherd & Co our customers are our number one priority. We value our client relationships and take extra care to invest in those connections. 

So, you need an accountant. What now? We believe that we provide the very best to our valued clients and we want you to find out why! Today we’ve outlined Five Reasons to Work with Carlyle Shepherd & Co.